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ACS Offers Small Business Website Security 

Website SecurityACS Webmarketing is BIG on Website Security. Secure your site with our advanced Firewall, 128-bit encryption passwords, and blocked wp-admin access.

Website security begins with good software that blocks all types of intrusions like SQL injection, Malicious file uploads, Password guessing, plugin hacks, and more. ACS Website security includes a very tight firewall, htaccess blocking, SQL protection, wp-config blocking, two-step authentication that military and banks use, and admin blocking.

The website is scanned for vulnerabilities every 24 hours, regular backups are made to protect the site, and then we are e-mailed with any issues regarding the site. Monthly reports are generated that show us any changes to the site and which files are affected.

  • Secure your Website or Online Business
  • Increase Customer confidence
  • Show your Customers your SSL online Certificates
  • 128 Bit encryption of all transmitted data
  • Advanced Firewalls to protect your files
  • Country blocking /Advanced IP Blocking
  • 24 /7 Monitoring and Alerts.

Today’s websites are virtual businesses that reside in cyberspace. Brick and mortar businesses require a good lock on their front and back doors to keep them from being robbed or vandalized.

ACS Web Marketing uses “state-of-the-art” tools and special coding that keeps the bad guys out and protects your valuable business.

All of this at a convenient price. Ask a representative today,  “How can I get started?” 

Website Security

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