Maintaining Your Website 

Website maintenance covers a wide range of services that the business owner doesn’t have time to do themselves. Updates, themes, backups, code changes, Google Plus set up, Social Media, changes, content rewrites, 404 error codes, and security. These are just some of the items a Webmaster deals with on a regular basis. It is best left to professionals like ACS Web Marketing.

Website maintenance includes the following services but is not limited to the following:

Monthly Maintenance 

  1. Updates to core website files
  2. Monthly backups of your website
  3. Monthly revisions to original pages of the website
  4. Additions to a website, content corrections
  5. Original pages for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) 
  6. Submission/revision to all three search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  7. Changes to address, phone #, e-mail
  8. Submission of website to other directories (Non-Pay types )
  9. Technical support 24/7 of website 
  10. Monthly Analytics, Webalizer, Google analytics
  11. Security Updates
  12. Registration hosting and renewal of Domain name 
  13. Error code corrections
  14. Broken Links
  15. Graphics Update
  16. Sitemap generations / edits
  17. Adding new posts to blogs
  18. SEO of new content
  19. Contact name and phone number changes

As you can see there are many issues that must be attended to in a timely fashion.

Website Maintenance

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