Paypal Buttons Changing

PayPal Buttons Changing 

PayPal Buttons Changing







Recently many business owners woke up to find their PayPal buttons on their website are not working anymore.

PayPal has changed the code for these buttons.

The issue is that they no longer support putting in a variable price.

Multiple fixed prices can be added with the drop down multiple price option but that’s it.

This does not work for businesses that have variable prices for services including taxes.

The Solution

If you want to get their new coded buttons listed above working then you need a developer to do this for you.

PayPal support will not walk you thru these complicated options with the right code that uses Java script SDK and REST API’s

ACS offers a custom code service for PayPal Custom Button codes.

Just fill out the form to the right and we will contact you on how we can custom code your buttons for you right on your website.

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