Google Marketing Secrets

They don’t want you to know.

Starting a business or growing a seasoned business takes hard work and advertising. But where do you invest your money for a good return?

  1. Before you spend one Dollar – invest in the foundation of your website.
  2. A solid and well-designed website needs a good foundation.
  3. Content writing with cornerstone articles is a must.
  4. Keywords that help your pages rank. Remember websites don’t rank, pages do.
  5. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are Free Social Media platforms so spend some time building your brand and social content. They will really help your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  6. Know your market – Are you retail, service, or wholesale?
  7. Are you about local or interstate or international?
  8. Define your budget and strategy for a year and stick to it.
  9. Find a local web agency or company that can work with your budget.
  10. Advice is FREE so ask Questions.
  11. Invest some of your time with an SEO company or agency. Start small and work your way up.

    Good content and cornerstone articles go a long way when advertising your business.

  1. Use a reputable marketing Agency or local company where you can meet one on one.
  2. Discuss your budget upfront so you know your costs.
  3. Avoid at first advertising with Google Adwords as it gets expensive quickly.
  4. Start with Facebook or a niche marketing directory.  i.e. Music Education
  5. Use niche markets first before going big. Less is more.
  6. Reference “15 questions to ask your web developer”.
  7. Avoid using websites like Wix and GoDaddy  The do it your self-kind.
  8. Yes, they are cheap and easy but just like money, they don’t come with instructions.
  9. Before you know it the add-ons will drive your budget through the roof. Use a web developer.

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