Fifteen Questions for Web Designer

15-Questions-for-Web-DesignersIf you are looking for a web designer to help you with your next small business website project, ask the following questions before you start your project.

Take the time to conduct a phone interview or meet in person with the designer and ask the following questions. Building a relationship and open line of communication with a web designer from the outset helps ensure that your project will be set up for success. Many times I ask a potential client who did your current website. These are the answers I received.

My brother-in-law did my site but he went back to school.
My friend did my website for my business but he is not interested in doing it any more.
I tried the do it myself website but I’m lost as to how to fix it. It’s broke.
Would you let an amateur treat your heart condition because he or she knows how? 
Yikes!!!!    Get a professional and avoid all the headaches down the road.

1. Can you send me a list of sites that you have designed previously?

ACS Web Marketing provides you with many of our completed websites for review. We also can give you the name and phone numbers of some clients to ask specific unbiased questions. We don’t say were the best, our clients do. All sites are live.

2. How much do you charge?

ACS prices are based on the type of site complexity, number of pages, licenses required; i.e. Example professional images from Shutterstock, special design code, template modifications, etc. Basic websites start at $695 and up. We do not bill our websites on a hourly basis rather a contract fee per project.

3. Will I have a project manager or one central contact?

You will deal with one person from start to finish so communication and e-mails will go smoothly. Yes we do answer the phone late at night if there is a critical issue or deadline to meet.

4. How many rounds of revisions am I allowed?

Typically we all allow three revisions of a site but after that you will be charged an hourly fee. We are reasonable but there are limits set because time is money. Design edits and changes to the site are on going. Major changes to layout, slider headers, images etc will require extra effort and therefore you will be billed for that time on an hourly basis that surpasses the three revision limit.

5. What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are specified in the contract. Deposits consist of either 50% or 75% down depending on the project and contract terms.

6. Can I edit the website myself, and which parts?

If you need to make additions or changes to the site simply send us an e-mail with the information and we will do the changes. Due to the complexity of the back-end of a website it is easy to break a site. We do not want to see your site down for any reason other than maintenance issues. Most maintenance is done on the weekend at 3 to 4 in the morning to avoid operational down time.

7. What support do you offer after the site goes live?

All of our sites are monitored 24/7 for security reasons. All site come with a maintenance package that includes: backups, upgrades to plugins,core files, sliders, etc. Additional fee applies per contract. All sites come with a very sophisticated security package that scans the site files on a regular basis. If required, we can add secure SSL certificates to encrypt all data to and from browsers on your site.

8. Do you start from templates or build custom sites?

All sites built by ACS are built on a secure platform. Some templates are used in the design such as four columns template if needed. All sites utilize a responsive design and are mobile ready.  All sites are loaded with a child theme so if your template needs an update, you will not lose your custom settings. Sites are setup to be compatible with most browsers such as IE, Chrome, Apple and Fire Fox Mozilla.

9. How long does a typical website design projects take?

The average site takes two to three weeks to build depending on the complexity,supplied images,text, logos, etc.. Larger sites are built on a testing platform before moving all files over the the actual domain. Deadlines can be met, extended or suspended depending on the clients wishes. Sites are reviewed daily so you can see our progress. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal on all projects. Re designs take about the same amount of time.

10. Will it be a responsive site that works on multiple mobile and tablet devices?

All of ACS websites are built on a mobile responsive platforms to conform to all devices. You can actually see your site the way it looks on all devices by going to

11. What are the client expectations during the process? What assets do I need to supply?

All specifications regarding what the client needs to supply are in the contract. Example if you have a domain name to transfer then ACS will transfer the domain name for you at no extra charge. You do have to supply the user name and password for ACS to accomplish this task. All dates and deadlines are specified in the contract. We urge you to read your contract carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

12. Who will write the content?

Your contract will specify who will supply the written content. You can supply content, pictures, videos as long as they comply with all copyright laws. All ACS sites are optimized for it’s content and follows all SEO guidelines.

13. What search engine optimization or marketing do you do for the site?

All ACS websites are optimized for their content. Additional programs for optimizing your site for local content are available upon request. Choose SEO for local marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing etc…

14. What other services do you provide?

ACS provides the following services; SEO, Marketing, Custom Logos, Hosting,Branding, Videos, Domain Name Transfers, Dedicated IP addresses,for larger sites dedicated Servers,VPSservers, Security Certificates, email marketing, mobile marketing,printed materials such as menus, banners, business cards, custom letter head paper etc… 

15. What type of results can I expect?

ACS Web Marketing encourages new clients to have some sort of marketing strategy in place and ready to go when you launch a new site. Just registering your site on the major search engines is a step in the right direction but it take a great marketing strategy to get your name out. Get ready to take it to the next level.

  • Start a Blog, build your e-mail database, list your site for free where you can.
  • Get your back links and social media set up. Make sure you have Google analytics in place and your site verified on Google.
  • Get your SEO started as soon as possible.

Results will vary so be patient. A tree grows slowly and will bear fruit.

See you on the internet. Questions Call 919-302-8457