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Your brand is your identity. Make sure you are sending a clear message to your audience. It starts with your logo and your tagline. Your brand should be unique and carry your message. Here is an example of a redesign to a logo that was highly visible and recognizable.

Logo Transformations That Did Not Work

The Gap. An icon clothing and style company with a powerful reputation. They released their new logo some time back, and it was a huge disaster. The old logo was well-loved and familiar to all, used for more than two decades. The dark blue square with the familiar serif white font was well-loved and familiar.

GAP-Redesign-LogoGap’s huge mistake was to radically change everything. The new logo was created as a more contemporary and modern expression. In my opinion, it looks more like a grocery store logo on the low end, completely missing the mark. Apparently, the public outcry when it was released online created a major backlash and criticism on Gap’s Facebook and Twitter page.

The story ends with Gap ditching their new logo, and returning to their old one. Gap president Marka Hansen was fired by execs weeks after the failed redesign episode. Don’t mess with a well-loved brand and image valued at $4 billion, or at least do so in transitions.

A good Choice of a branding design and message is FedEx.

FedEx’s Creative Double Meaning

The FedEx logo is subtle brilliance, but most people don’t even realize why. In fact, the FedEx logo says much more than the company’s name in purple and orange text. There is also a hidden arrow inside the logos E&X that symbolizes the speed and reliability of the courier service.

FedEx’s logo is a clever example of a simple, easy to remember a logo that also expresses the mission of its brand. The FedEx logo clearly displays an effective way for a company to stand out against the competition and emphasize its valuable position in the marketplace.

ACS Web Marketing Agency will guide you every step of the way to ensure your message stands out.

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